What is Geras?

GerasTM, a virtual health assistant that is part of the Geras.ai platform ensures the health and wellbeing of a person through health and wellness solutions by engaging them with voice and visuals in an interactive manner which promotes their physical and mental wellbeing.
Geras, turns your smartphone into a virtual health assistant powered by AI that monitors your health and delivers real time feedback on demand effortlessly and in a contactless manner from anywhere. It detects any deviation from your daily patterns through predictive analytics and alerts the caregiver. A virtual companion that engages with the person and encourages and motivates them to monitor their health and stay healthy.   
Geras.ai is a smart technology-driven health and wellness digital platform powered by AI offering best in class health and wellness products and curated services catering to the needs of the person to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.


To be the most trusted digital health and wellness platform for Health Care Anywhere.


Making the elderly world healthier one person at a time

Why Geras.ai?

Delivering health and wellness through technology

• Life improving technology that alerts possible times of trouble via early detection for senior citizen.

• Exclusive predictive analytics for the elderly's behavioural and activity data patterns which senses any deviation from their own individual daily patterns.

• Reduce emergencies through proactive care through technology.

Delivering curated home care and companion services through technology

Empower inclusive caregiving through collaboration via family and caregivers for the elderly.

Compliance and Security

Geras is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Partner with Geras.ai

Partner with the leading health and wellness digital platform and accelerate your growth. We are partnering today with organisations who provide holistic elderly care services for home care and companion care.
1. What is Geras? How does it work ?
Geras is a virtual health assistant with the purpose of making the elderly world healthier by disrupting the health care industry through preventive care with technology powered by AI and predictive analytics that helps detect possible times of trouble early and senses any deviation in activity patterns at an individual level to enable aging in place and empower inclusive caregiving to keep your loved ones out of the hospital.
2. Who can use Geras ?
Primary users of Geras are senior citizens and the platform is built and designed for the elderly however anyone who is an adult can use Geras to measure their vitals.
3. Is Geras safe to use ?
Geras is safe to use as it uses the camera of your smartphone to measure your vitals, it is as safe as taking a selfie.
4. Is Geras HIPAA compliant ?
Yes. Geras is HIPAA compliant.
5. Is my data safe with Geras ?
Your data is safe with Geras as we do not sell or trade your data to any third party systems.
6. Who is a caregiver ? How to add a caregiver ?
Caregiver is anyone you trust from your family, friends or your social network or even a professional nurse or a caregiver.
7. How do I pay and get my receipt ?
You can use your credit card to make payment and the receipt will be delivered via email
8. How often should I check my vitals ?
It largely depends on your health condition however it is generally advised to check your Vitals thrice weekly.
9. Still need help ?
Please write to [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours.