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How it works

Geras, turns your smartphone into a virtual health assistant powered by AI that monitors your health and delivers real time feedback on demand effortlessly and in a contactless manner from anywhere. It detects any deviation from your daily patterns through predictive analytics and alerts the caregiver. A virtual companion that engages with the senior citizen and encourages and motivates them to monitor their health and stay healthy. allows full integration of measurements into the Apple HealthKit app.

IMPORTANT NOTICE is NOT a medical device or a diagnostic product.

The measured indicators are not intended for medical use, including self-diagnosis or consultation with a doctor, and are only designed for general fitness and wellness purposes. In order to undergo any treatment or diagnosis, consult with a medical professional.

More Information uses advanced algorithms, combined with a unique mix of signal processing and AI technologies, measure vital signs by analysing a video of the upper cheek region of a person’s face, using rPPG technology.

Data Privacy
In order to extract vital-sign measurements, the technology uses only a video of a small patch of skin from the person’s face or finger, without any identifiable feature such as eyes. That information is processed in real-time, is not retained once the measurement ends and is not transferred to our servers. For trends and history, the app saves measurement results only. Users can delete their measurement history from the app at any time.

How does it extract health measurements? uses technology that extracts health measurements from a video stream of exposed skin on the surface of a human face. The video stream is analyzed with advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, including computer vision technology and signal processing. No identifiable features, such as eyes, are needed. uses technology that runs on the device, enabling users to perform scans without connection to the internet. uses technology that has absolutely no access to end-user’s health data.

Contactless Health Monitoring (rPPG)

For contactless data extraction, uses rPPG (remote photoplethysmographic imaging). rPPG is a camera-based solution for contactless cardiovascular monitoring, proven to be as accurate as traditional PPG devices. uses technology that measures the changes in red, green, and blue light reflected from the skin and quantifies the contrast between specular reflection and diffused reflection.

Contact-based Health Monitoring (PPG)

For challenging conditions, uses technology that has implemented a backup contact-based solution. The contact-based solution extracts a PPG signal when users place a finger on the rear camera of a smartphone.

Platform uses technology that is based on rPPG (facial measurements) or PPG (finger measurements) that uses your smartphone's camera to measure vital signs by reconstructing the rPPG signal from the Smartphone camera using signal processing, and not by statistical estimations, and without the need to use any additional sensors. No skin contact or wearable devices are required.